Investimento Privado vs "Investimento Público"

"“Investing” in some grand political design or program sounds so much better than saying, “I want to tax you so that politicians and bureaucrats (...), can spend your money on whatever we think is best for you (or our campaign contributors).”"

"Private investment means putting your own money at risk in anticipation of realizing a gain later; public “investment” means taking and spending someone else’s money to support your idea of how you think they should live, or to satisfy the special interests that help get you reelected. Private investment requires putting off spending today so that you may (hopefully) earn more in the future; public “investment” is all about spending today."

"After more than two and a half years and trillions of dollars worth of bank and auto industry bailouts, stimulus packages, and Federal Reserve interventions, the American economy remains sluggish and unemployment is still about 9 percent. According to Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, it could take another four or five years for the labor market to “normalize fully.” Unless the government’s interventionist policies are abandoned and reversed, it appears that the United States is headed for its own Lost Decade."

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