A Lei de Gammon

Milton Friedman: "in "a bureaucratic system . . . increase in expenditure will be matched by fall in production. . . . Such systems will act rather like `black holes,' in the economic universe, simultaneously sucking in resources, and shrinking in terms of `emitted production.'" As he put it: "I have long been impressed by the operation of Gammon's law in the U.S. schooling system: Input, however measured, has been going up for decades, and output, whether measured by number of students, number of schools, or even more clearly, quality, has been going down."

Em Portugal, os exemplos da Lei de Gammon também são numerosos... Educação, Saúde, Segurança, Agricultura, Pesca...

Tal como o próprio Milton Friedman escreveu, "I challenge you to find more than a very exceptional counter-example".

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